Door lock types

The first step towards securing your home against thieves, burglars and other unwanted intruders is choosing the right kind of door lock. However, the market is flooded with so many different options that you can easily get confused. Therefore, in this blog, the four most popular kinds of door locks in Calgary will be discussed in detail so that you can make the best choice for your abode.

pexels-photo (5)Lever-Handle :- 

Used more often on the interiors doors of residential properties, lever handle locks are quite stylish and have an ergonomic design too. They can also be accessed easily by disabled people, since these do not require keys. Their locking mechanism works by twisting or pushing of a button on the inner face. However, they are not recommended for usage on the main gate of any household, since they can be broken via application of excessive force.

Untitled design (2)Knob Locks :- 

These are perhaps the most common of all door locks, as they can be found on the entrances of rear patios, main entryways, bedrooms and even garages. They consist of a knob on each side – one featuring a lock, and the other, a keyhole. It is due to this reason that they are strongly recommended for interior use only.

Untitled design (3)Keyless Entry :- 

Keyless entry for homes is available through electronic locks, which comprise a numeric keypad into which a security code must be entered for gaining access. Some of them may even have a tag or card system. Their installation can only be performed by trained and skilled professionals who have sufficient knowledge about the working mechanism of keyless entry pads.

Untitled design (1)Deadbolts :-

Deadbolts are considered the safest of all door lock types, as well as economical. They utilise a metallic bolt which slides inside a jam. They are controlled by an exterior keyhole and a latch attached to the door. There are 4 kinds of deadbolts available in the market – captive, jimmy proof, single and double. Captives come with thumbturn which has to be removed using a key. Jimmy proof deadbolts have a jamb bracket which cannot be removed or pulled apart from outside. The single and double options both require a key – the only difference between them is that the double ones have a key cylinder on each side.

Now that your choices have been narrowed down, you can easily get in touch with a reputed door lock supplier and purchase the most suitable option from them.

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